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‘Bella BOO! Party Productions’ caters to parents who want to give their child the party of their dreams but simply don’t have the time to do so. As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to make time for everything; between dressing, feeding and classes there is hardly any time left to fit in planning the upcoming birthday… or birthdays for that matter! Between searching for suppliers, getting quotes, setting a theme and so much more there is hardly any time to take a breath! That is where ‘Bella BOO! Party Productions’ come in! I will do everything from helping choose the theme, collecting quotes and setting up! How much help you want is totally up to you! If it is quote sourcing you need I can do it! If you want help with the decorations I can do that too! And if you want help with the whole day, I am with you the whole way!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bella Boo's 1st Birthday Bash

My Daughter's 1st Birthday Party was the most fabulous fun, especially the planning side of it!
First of all I had to plan a theme - at that time, my daughter was obsessed with 'In the Night Garden'.
So I planned on having the 'garden' side of this in her party as I didn't want to over-commercialise the theme. I spliced in some pretty pink dots and we had the party look established!
Pink & Pretty!     
BUT I did learn a lot of lessons from planning this party too! I wanted helium balloons floating everywhere around the room with pretty pink curling ribbon hanging down from them - kind of creating a floating jungle effect, however, I left it to our local florist to do on the morning of the party... and she never turned up! 
Lesson 1. always hire a helium tank so you can do it yourself! 
Then I had ordered the most amazing faux grass table cloth to really give the garden them some real punch... but I left it outside the night before the party and it rained... it was so wet the next day, we couldn't use it! Thankfully I had a cheap pink plastic back-up... but it didn't look anything like it would have with the grass tablecloth - it also meant I had to tone back the decoration to be more simplistic so it  didn't clash with the pink tablecloth - however it did make the cupcakes stand out much more! 
Lesson 2 - set-up the decorations and table setting the night before so you know nothing is missing. 

The Cake!
In my quote sourcing I discovered the most amazing cupcake and cake artists! Two sister's who run Mio Cupcake & Cakes! Their portfolio is amazing and I knew they were the people I wanted to make my daughter's cake. However, due to their amazing creations they book out well in advance so I had to sacrifice getting a cutting cake made on top due to me not booking ahead! 
Lesson 3 - Start planning things like cake and catering a month in advance! 
But cutting cake aside, the cupcake's were a masterpiece all on their own! 
Mio Cupcakes & Cakes 

Mio Cupcakes & Cakes

The Chocolate Fountain
If the cake wasn't sweet enough - we also had a chocolate fountain!!! I ended up buying my own as it was much cheaper than hiring and we have used it several times since! The chocolate fountain was a hit with all the guests, especially the birthday girl! We put fruit, marshmellow's and sponge in little ice-cream cups for people to dunk in the fountain - it looked fantastic and tasted even better! 
The yummy fruit, marshmellow's and sponge - ready to be smothered in yummy swiss chocolate!
The very popular chocolate fountain! 
The food
It was a 10am party so it was really a morning tea/ brunch affair. But we knew not everyone wanted such a big sugar hit so early in the morning so I arranged a bulk order of sausage rolls and spinach and fetta triangles from our local bakery for the savoury lovers - this was a fabulously tasty and fuss free option for food. My only regret was I didn't have a pretty platter to put them on and they looked a little 'ordinary' on the beautiful party table - especially alongside the amazing cake. 
Lesson 4 - Always make sure you have something to serve the food on that matches in with the theme - white is great because you can put it with almost any theme.  The other great option is disposable serving plates which come in so many beautiful styles now and you don't have to worry about washing up afterwards! 

All in all... a few hiccups aside, the party was a wonderful success! 
There were no other little people at the party, so instead of games I arranged for family photo's with the birthday girl and sent these off to all the guests afterwards via email which everyone really enjoyed!
A casual and relaxed affair that our little girl enjoyed every moment of! 

Birthday Girl fast asleep after a perfect party! xoxo
Party Stats:
Cost (of everything) - $350
Number of guests -  20
Duration - 2 hours

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