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‘Bella BOO! Party Productions’ caters to parents who want to give their child the party of their dreams but simply don’t have the time to do so. As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to make time for everything; between dressing, feeding and classes there is hardly any time left to fit in planning the upcoming birthday… or birthdays for that matter! Between searching for suppliers, getting quotes, setting a theme and so much more there is hardly any time to take a breath! That is where ‘Bella BOO! Party Productions’ come in! I will do everything from helping choose the theme, collecting quotes and setting up! How much help you want is totally up to you! If it is quote sourcing you need I can do it! If you want help with the decorations I can do that too! And if you want help with the whole day, I am with you the whole way!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Get Fired UP! It's Arlo's 3rd Birthday!!!

Most little boys love all things related to cars and trucks! This particular little boy loved Fire Engines! 

The party was going to be held at the park but due to the rain we moved it back to the birthday boys home. Using the beautiful printables created by LeeLaaLoo (blog.leelaaloo.com/) I was able to pull together a rip roaring Fire Engine Party for Arlo's 3rd Birthday! 

Instead of having a million helium balloons I wanted to keep it simple with just three on either side of the dessert table. However we blew up another 20 and left them on the floor for the kids to run through, sit on and just play, which is what they all did! 

I used fire engine red tin buckets to hold food including popcorn, fruit kebabs and blue smarties. The kids loved this and they looked great on the table keeping in line with the fire engine theme. I also used clean white square platters to present 'Jelly Oranges' (which were a hit with the kids and so easy to make!), cupcakes and cake pops.

 Due to the high content of sugar foods we decided to stick with water as the drink on offer but as we were dealing with kids we had to keep it fun; the Lee Laa Loo Printables included drink bottle stickers which worked a treat wrapped around mini water bottles! By the end of the party the kids had finished all the water - what parent wouldn't be happy with that?! 

For the treat boxes I used little red noodle boxes because not only do they look great but they are also perfect for tiny little hands. With Lee Laa Loo stickers applied - they fitted perfectly into our Fire Engine theme! 

I put red cutlery in red napkins with the Lee Laa Loo printable napkin rings... but in the end everyone just ate with there hands, lol! They looked really cute anyway! 

For the games we did 'pin the fire badge on the fire dog', 'pass the parcel' and a fabulous 'fire engine pinata'. 
The kids had such a great time and more importantly so did the birthday boy!

Happy 3rd Birthday Arlo! 

Party Stats
Number of guests: Around 35
Duration: 3 hours
Total cost of party $300

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  1. Arlo's 3rd Birthday looks so fun to me. The table setup is totally awesome. Everything has been arranged with perfection. My kid turned 5 in last week. We couldn’t celebrated on actual day so hosted the weekend party at one of the home studios NYC. The kiddos enjoyed a lot so as the adults.